allampharos (allampharos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan Please!

Hi everyone! I've just started using this as a way to search for zukan sales... so I am not too clued up on whats going on... here's a list of the zukan I am after or interested in. Any help with potential buys will be appreciated aswell. Thanks a lot... Ashley

Hoppip line
Oddish line
Growlithe line
Krabby line
Pickachu line
Ghasty line
Drowzee line
Bellsprout line
Abra line
Magikarp and Gyarados
Meowth line
Geodude line
Ponyta line
Voltorb line
Horsea line
Sentret line
Togepi line with Togekiss
Misdreavus line with Shukkle
Swinub line with Mamoswine

Finally the Johto starter lines. (Chikorita, Cyndiquil, Totodile)
Tags: zukan
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