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Re-intro and Collection update!

Hi all c: a few of you may remember me, but I thought I'd re-introduce myself and my collection!

My name is Nick, but my online alias is TerryRose. I'm 20 and from the UK~! 

Rather than collect just one Pokemon, I have a great love for all pink Pokemon! My biggest collection is Audino, even though my favorite is Flaaffy. I also have a lot of side collections! 

Apart from Pokemon my other loves are Lolita, Rilakkuma and Tokidoki

Last time I did a collection update was Feb 2011! Here's my collection then..

And now..

Piiiiink..! I love Audino♥ 

Although Flaaffy is my favorite Pokemon she doesn't have much merch..


I think the little keychain plush might be my favorite♥ I love how chubby she is!

The new canvas plush! I really like it apart from its hands.. they are sort of just glued on and makes it look a bit cheap imo!

Lovely embroidery though!

The new Flaaffy charm! 

Side collections now! I love electric types!

Groudon used to be my main collection and now it's tiiinyy!

I do organize my collection by colour!

Random shelf! 

Eugh dust OTL

This is a custom plush of my OC Pink from a seller on Etsy! It's one of my favorite pieces from my collection~

I have a few pieces of Pokemon jewelry too! I also have Pikachu earrings~

I also have random kids all over my room haha!

Ehe! And that's just about everything! Thank you for looking!

One more thing, is there anyone here on Tumblr? I'd really like to make some pkmncollecting friends over there and I'm a lot more active than I am on LJ~ my tumblr

Thank you c:
Tags: audino, collection, flaaffy
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