Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

modpost of shame

now a MOD notice:

PLEASE always keep an eye on the WALL OF SHAME. we post IMPORTANT information there about who to avoid and why.

this person dyne_score/komrade_krystal kept posting sales, claiming to have gotten sales permission from entirelycliched, but is actually a known scammer, banned from other places for their scams. if they PM you, or you have sent them any money for any goods they tried to sell to you privately, i highly recommend opening a dispute or asking for your money back.

UPDATE: "dyne_score / komrade_krystal has a newer alias: diluted_paradox , her real name is Krystal Loda and"

segamew also continuously follows the community and attempts to participate as much as possibly through private means. she is somehow able to easily win people over, but worked hard to try to swindle as much money as possible out of the community, and unknowing pokemon fans on ebay with knowingly exorbitant prices. please do NOT do buisness with this person.

saffysaf/kairisky has also been caught banhopping under the name mewtwo32. to all banned members reading: we do consider lifting bans after time has passed, and we have lifted bans before. if you banhop or try to fool us instead of waiting it out patiently, you lose all right to ever being let back in "legally". no matter how bad your transgression was, trying to fool us only proves the case for your immaturity and inability to respect community rules. knock it off! we'll catch you eventually!

if you've sold to mewtwo32, beware: when banned before she paypal disputed everyone who had sold to her, whether they'd sent the items or not. i cannot be sure what she will do =\

also, the member corinthiansrose has deleted their account and is ignoring any attempt at correspondence, at least by mods. she was scolded and lost sales permission for KNOWINGLY breaking rules again and again, and making many excuses and arguments that none of it was her fault and we are unfair. seemingly for this reason she dramatically deleted everything, including all comments and posts she ever made to the community.

she was running 2 GB's, and for any other people who have paid her for any items or were owed money from her, be WARY. she had claimed many many charm sets for wave 3, and now i have to assume she is dropping those claims? i don't know, since i am being ignored. she is a loose cannon who will not take responsibility for her immature actions, and has now done an overly dramatic "goodbye forever", therefore i cannot be sure what she will do about pending transactions. please be wary.

people who are not mods may be able to get through to her, as i assume it is only we who she is angry with. please let me know if you manage to get through.

if you have any news or information about any of these situations, please do let me know.
Tags: modpost
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