sparkanine (sparkanine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

looking to buy reasonably priced growlithe plush

Title says it all~ I've looked all over the interbutts for the canvas Growlithe and come to the conclusion that $70 (shipping not included ><) is too much, even for an adorable Growlithe. I'm not sure if they're out of production or very hard to find or something and that is legitimately the price that they should be going for right now, but it can't hurt to ask.

Anyone who has one to sell or is able to obtain one from a store or something comment or PM me. I am a poor college student who just spent about $300 out of pocket on textbooks so if the price is too steep for my wallet don't hate me. x___x

For the record the shipping would be to Texas so if you could give a price that includes the cost of shipping that would be super duper. :3
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