achemillamillamilla (alchemillapkmn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last minute contest entry!

Growlithe: "I'll keep you warm, you keep the others warm!"
It was a terribly cold night for the travelers, and Charmander and Growlithe flamethrower'd a little clearing out of a pile of snow. The others were freezing and exhausted as they entered the tiny bunker. Bulbasaur, concerned for the Chus, suggested Charmander turn up the intensity of his flame, though Charmander was too cold to do so. Growlithe sidled next to him to give him the energy to intensify his tail fire. The group of five enjoyed being warm once again, chatted about their adventures all night, and the storm cleared in the morning.

I blatantly ripped was inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Pokemon, I believe called "Snow Way Out!" It really touched me when I was a little one. :) Sorry for the loads of photoshop... But I hope you enjoy!

Tags: contest
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