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Back from Japan Auctions and Sales ^^

Sup everybody! I came back from my study abroad in Japan a few weeks ago and finally got enough time to post some sales and auctions ^^ I'll post a collection update soon (I raided the Tokyo Pokemon Center). I'll also being doing a Nintendo World run next week so stay tuned for that but for now click the cut to see the goodies!

All community rules apply for auctions.
Please feel free to ask questions or for more pictures if you would like them before bidding.
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11 (under my Facebook account as Stacey LaValle)
Do not delete your bids or back out! You WILL be given negative feedback and banned from my future auctions and sales!
All auctions will end Friday February 3rd at Noon Eastern time. Countdown clock can be found here:


Banpresto Typhlosion UFO Plush
No hang tag and tush tag was cut off by it's previous owner (as shown above) but I can guarantee it's 100% authentic and in perfect condition. No stains, tears, pulling, etc.
Starts at $30

Official Pokemon Center 2011 Happy Birthday Jumbo TCG
Given out at Pokemon Centers in Japan on (or within 7 days of) your birthday.
Starts at $20

Groudon Pokedoll
No hang tag and tush tag was cut off by previous owner. Has a bit of age to it (fabric is piling and marking on left leg are rubbed away a bit as seen above) but overall in good condition.
Starts at $13

Japanese 2005 Celebi Pokedoll
No hang tag but has tush tag. Excellent condition. No stains, tears, pulling, etc.
Starts at $10

Straight Sales
All sale rules on my journal apply.
I am open to haggle.
I MAY consider a trade for something on my wants list:

Pan stickers $1 each. Tornadus $2.
Clear Reshiram Charm $5.
MIP Shiny Entei Puzzle $12
Shiny Raikou Zukan $10
MIP Pokefan Magazine Oshawott Battrio $5
Volcarona Batrio $5
Kyurem Battrio $5

SOLD: All Victinis, running Pikachu, Meowth, Servine, Gothita, Gothorita, Munna, Krokorok, Zekrom

Pokemon Center 2011 Christmas Cardboard Ornaments sold by the piece.
All Pieces are $2 each except the Pikachu group piece on the rightmost board which is $3.
SOLF: Group Christmas Wreath piece on the middle board, Pikachu in the heart, Minccino on swing.

Pokemon Center Bags
Blue and gray bag on top of it are the same bag (I have multiples) $1 each
Green and yellow bag to the right of it are the same bag (I have multiples) $1 each or free with winning one of my auctions.
Note: Most of the bags are brand new though some were used to carry merchandise. If you would like a new bag it is first come first serve.

Black and White tour Reshiram/Zekrom bag $3 (pretty roughed up condition from being in storage for a few months).
Tags: auction, celebi, groudon, pokecen, pokedolls, typhlosion
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