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Snow Bros (contest entry)

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
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Jumping on the bandwagon and entering the contest finally XD

Cubchoo sharing his igloo (yea yea looks nothing like an igloo, lets just pretend lmao) with Hoppip! Cubchoo is wearing a hat totally not my sock XD

I got Cubchoo the other day from vaporeonxlover, he is sooo cute! And my very first jp release pokedoll :3 I have a collection post coming soon, I keep putting it off because I keep waiting for packages XD I got some Munch grails coming so I'll probably post once they arrive :3!

While I'm here, I'm looking for a few things! (plz dont have me for posting wants, but these items elude me! lol)

I have a hard time prioritizing and I won't be able to accept every offer. I'll mostly likely wait til tomorrow night to make decisions. You can link me to your sales if you think you have things that might be of interest to me! Check out my collection site (link at the top) if you want to see what I collect to get ideas, thanks!

Check out my sales/tcg sales in case you see something and want to trade for!

To start, these plush are my grails and I don't expect anyone to have them for sale (especially at a price I can do.. except for maybe Lotad?) But just in case here they are XD Interested in their other plush too :3
Also on the lookout for Starly and Staravia.

I'm missing ONE kid and it's driving me crazy. it's the typical happy run pose. Not so great condition is preferred as I don't like paying more than $1 for kids XD Would also prefer to buy from someone with some other items I want to make shipping worth it.
I think all the other Munch items I want are rare or suffer same pose syndrome so I'll just leave it at the kid for now.

Also looking for kids of these for cheap and in batches! Dirty/paint rubbed ones are fine, I LIKE CHEAP THINGS XD Interested in their evos too! Might be interested in doubles for shiny repaints. If you have a lot of kids for sale (for under $1 especially) feel free to link me, there's lots of other kids I want. :3 Interested in other items of these as well.

I'm missing Piplup and Bidoof! I've seen them for $2-3 before so i'm looking to get them around the same price ^^; Also interested in seeing any other PMD merch.

CHARMS! Not really a high priority but they're so pretty & tempting!

I saw someone selling these a few weeks ago and I regret not buying at least the lounging croagunk, if anyone has one they're willing to sell, please let me know!

I've tried really hard to resist charms but I got a Venomoth one from bluehyaku the other day and it's making me want some more! I'm looking for cheap(unpopular?) ones, just show me what you have! I love the Scraggy ones (but afraid if I buy one I'll want them all ^^;)

Also, some of the new ones have caught my eye; hoothoot/noctowl, munchlax/snorlax, larvitar/pupitar, shelgon, and mawile. There's probably more but that's all I saved pics of lol.

Scraggy might possibly be my favorite BW Pokemon! I'm mostly wanting the jakks figure but I'll be interested in seeing anything (my collection is small!) My other top want of Scraggy is the pokcen bag with him on one side and scrafty on the other side! XD

Also interested in these bw ones!
I have a blitzle, tympole, and cottonee pokedolls on the way which makes me want figures of them (and their evos)! Also been on the lookout for a cheapish Whimsicott pokedoll or one I can do trade/partial trade for ;)

I have yet to own an mpc plush for some reason. Off the top of my head I'd love to own Scraggy, Scrafty, Dwebble, and Tympole. I think the other ones I want arent out yet but feel free to show me what you have XD

And I'll end it at that! I probably forgot things but like I kept saying, just show me what you have, I love a lot of pokemon XD

Thanks for viewing! Have a wonderful night/day/etc!
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