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Late 1st anniversary post!

Hello you guys!

It has been a little over a year since I have joined this community. In fact, I have joined 5th of January I think. Well, beginning of 2011. So let me introduce myself first: My name is Hebi, I am 20 years old now, and my main collections are Gold/Hibiki, Charmander, Mantyke line and Snivy line, while my side collections as of now are Riolu and Wynaut.
For the entire time I have been here, I have enjoyed it to the fullest, and I have learned so much about Pokemon merchandise (and I still do learn). As most people mention as well, I love this community how people are helping out each other with their collections, having a chance to get merchandise for cheap, or get really rare items. Through this community, I have gotten lots of great merchandise that I could have never known about or gotten just by myself! That's why I want to thank you all mods and all other members on this community for being so friendly and pleasant to me! <3

As of now, I do not have my entire collection with me, some people might know it, some don't. When I joined, I was still living in the USA, Maryland to be exact. On September 2011 I had to leave to my homecountry Slovakia, because of university and my dad as diplomat having to slowly return to Slovakia as well (who knows, he might again choose to go to the US or other country for a few years). That's why almost all of my Charmander collection (which I miss dearly for half a year already!) is being sent by ship in big boxes and whatnot. It might happen that they will arrive around mid to end of February. It contains also some of my Snivy line, Gold, Mantyke line and Riolu collections, so for now, I will show you what I have so far at my home here :)

My tiiiny bed, but comfortable! The Charmander pillow plush was the only merchandise I have kept from all the Pokemon stuff I owned as a kid. It is still my most cherished Pokemon item I own! Otherwise you can see some other great plushies as sleepy Snivy, talking Snivy, or Mantine custom plush by lyndsaygorawr <33

My beautiful Snivy line collection! (ignore that medicine for nose when you have cold...)
It's not very well seen, but from my last update, there are a lot of items that were added in there! 

This is a wardrobe next to my working table, and as you can see, it is kind of a mess at the moment...once my stuff from the US comes in, it will be cleaning time! For now, you can see some of my collection in there, excluding the hundreds of flats I own XD

Now to a special mention! I do have a collection site as well! It is my great pride and joy, and I am working very hard on it! Every time I get new merchandise into my home gets a picture and is posted on my collection site. 
Very special thanks goes to captainangel, who was the one who inspired me to do my own collection site as well! <3
Second special thanks goes to snowflaika, who made the beautiful banner for me and even suggested the name for it! "Leaves of the Viridian Forest" it is! <333

http://hebitheivan.weebly.com/ (because htmling doesn't work here for me..)

Is there anybody interested in trading/sharing your sites with me? :D
<a href="http://hebitheivan.weebly.com/"><img src="http://www.weebly.com/uploads/7/1/6/5/7165863/1327349817.jpg "></a><a></a>

That is all for now! Once my stuff comes in, then it will be a LAAARGE collection update! Can't wait for that! <3333

And last but not least I wanted to mention, I am doing a Group Buy of stamps with dragonrider49, for the cute stamps, we need 4 more claims of Lilligant, Litwick, Audino and Lillipup and for the Dragon stamp, we need 7 more claims, Gigalith, Kyurem, Haxorus, Driddigon, Volcarona, Seismitoad and Stoutland!

Here is the link to the GB: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11287117.html 

Thank you all! <3333
Tags: charmander, collection, mantine, mantyke, riolu, serperior, servine, snivy, wynaut
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