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No subject title can summarize this mulit-post

We all know there is a lot of bootleg Pokemon merchandise out there, and it can be very "off model" sometimes. But have you ever seen something so hideous that all you could do is facepalm?

I found something pretty dumb today. I hate the original "thing" it is based off of, and clearly someone is trying to bank off of that "things" popularity. I've seen some bad knock-offs, but man this one just confuses me. Why? Why does this exist?

I give you the Oshawott Pillow Pet:

There is no way they would release something this ugly! Sorry, but to me this is horrible! I just had to facepalm when I saw it. I don't get the popularity of these pillow pets.

Now for some GOOD merchandise! I'm looking for the winking Victini plush. I swear I saw it in a post, but now I can't find it! Please help me identify this plush! I remember it was winking out of its left eye, so facing it would be on the right like this...
My quick drawing might help you remember how adorable it is! I'm guessing it is probably a lotto plush or something that will have to go on my grails list. Let me know if you have any info on it please!

Also, if you are looking for some TCGs I lowered my prices! Holy crap only $.10 for commons! Go now! Also some small Victini items have been reduced! Check out Slowpoke Sales!
Tags: oshawott, sales, victini
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