Don't press Alt & F4! (johtofire) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't press Alt & F4!

I had an idea!

Just wondering... does anyone else's best ideas come when they're in the shower/lay in bed? please don't tell me I'm alone...

Anyway, I had a really cool idea today!
Would anyone be interested in "Pokemon Collector" metal pin badges? (or any other pin badges, as long as they have enough interest, for example, Luxray, Pikachu, Unova starters, etc, etc)

Here's what they would look like! (this pic is stolen from the web, I'm pretty sure that these particular ones are bootlegged, but it's just as an example of what they would look like :D)

Actually, looking at these, why is Meowth black o.o

The lowest minimum order site I have found so far is 50, but I am currently talking to one site who say that they will do less than that, for an additional price :D
Feel free to comment if you would be interested or would fancy designing the Pokemon Collector badges yourself!

While I'm here, a quick collection update is way overdue!


The new ones are the TY Beanie (centre front) and the beautifully made squishy and soft Sleepy Miju!
Tags: collection, oshawott
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