drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

just a collection update.

i've been wanting to post one..so i figured i should 8D

just a preview.. ;D

all of the figures. they take up about 2/3rds of top of my entertainment stand. bahhaha.

some closeups!

Metal Groudon, which you can see more of in this post

along with metallic paint tomy, clear tomy, among other things ;u;

more figures, among them the pokedex figure, minicot, chou, bottle cap and kids!

many more figures and things ;u;

my *grail* Zukan sits up in front for all to bask in his glory.

PokeCen plush (that's MWT, did i mention that? 8D)
pokedoll tin that's SUPER CUTE
that big figure in the left corner is pretty awesome, his arms are poseable.

underneath everything is a Settei i got from Growly!
i need a frame for it. ;_;

ALSO the PokeCen charm i got from Gin! Groudon is so lovely.

terrible upclose pic:

Groudons (and my Tomy Munchlax) stole my chair :c

MWT pokedoll and oversized pokedoll get their own spots on my shelf.
next to them is my DS games, of all Pokemon (top one is Rumble Blast 8D)

shelf of random plush and pokedolls.
i love so many 5th gen pokes now hnnggg.

what's left of my Kyogre collection.

Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny collection.
obviously lacking.
possibly getting the MPC from jantyl soon,
and i need a Sewaddle kid ;u;

and finally,

these three chill out on my bed.
AKA my cuddle partners.
they're giants and i love them.

aaaaaand. i think that's it for now. c:

just an FYI: all but 5 people got their items sent out yesterday (from my sales and from the GA) so be on the look out if you bought from me!

i guess lastly i'll leave you my sales post

aaaaand this picture,
which i hope makes you laugh cause it sure made me laugh when i made it.

come at me, bro!
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