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multipurpose: first sales & projects!

Hi everyone! So today I have exciting news - I received my package from allinia with my plush fix-up projects, and I also obtained sales permission! Hooray!

First up, take a look at these poor, over-loved plushies. To re-glue felt, which is better? Super glue or fabric glue?

D'awwww, despite their imperfections, they are SO ADORABLE. I have come to love Banpresto UFO's - I couldn't resist getting these guys!

They don't look too bad in that photo, but...

I can't tell who's in worse shape - Dialga or Palkia. They're both pretty bad, and both of them have some pilling going on. As far as I can tell, Dialga isn't missing any felt, it's just coming apart, and it's bending in the rong directions. That seems like an easy fix - some sort of glue and pins to make it stay in the right position!

Same problems as Dialga, but Palkia is missing some felt. Here's what she's supposed to look like. My plan is to find some matching felt (or fleece) and glue it on.

Jirachi's in the best shape, except I have no idea where to find that kind of faux leather-stuff that the blue strips are made from. I highly doubt I'll be able to get an exact match - I might just replace all of them.

Also, one more, but from a different package:

Poor Staravia is missing his feet! Thanks sorjei for pointing it out, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed! xD I don't mind too much, he still looks fine. I'm going to use some orange fleece to make him new feet, and then use iron on transfers for the details. Here's him with feet.

And now, some small sales! :D

Please keep in mind - I am an experienced seller (Etsy, Serasell, deviantART), and this is only my first selling post on pkmncollectors, not overall. :3

My feedback is here.

I was granted sales permission on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched.

-I ship from the US, and I also ship internationally!
-Shipping & handling (materials, transit, etc) starts at $2.75 domestic ($1.00 flats), $3.50 ($2.00 flats) international. Domestic packages include delivery confirmation when possible!
-Bubble mailers (new or reused, depending on what I have available) will be used to ship - if you do not want a reused mailer, let me know! (your shipping cost will be higher)
-I do not have a designated shipping day, but items are generally shipped within one week. If there are delays, I will let you know!
-I will not deal with banned members from pkmncollectors or serasell. I have the right to refuse to sell.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the post! I will include delivery confirmation if the package is eligible.
-I do not accept/reply to private offers - comment only!
-Generally, I am unaware of current prices - let me know if I'm wrong!
-Ask me for details about anything!

If you'd like to trade, here's my wants list!

-ANY Banpresto UFO - let me know what you have! esp. Starly, Starly line DX (shiny)
-Starly line (zukan)
-Chimchar line
-Swablu line
-Honestly, just link me to your sales or something. I love everything. xD

Finally, the items!

Blitzle Tomy MWT: offers no less than $20 (?)
Munchlax Jakks (tushtag only): $4
Starly Toy Factory/Jakks (faded tushtag only): $3

I also have another Blitzle and Emolga Tomy. I am unsure as to whether I want to sell them or not - if you're interested, let me know! Trades also welcome!

Talking Togepi figure: $5
Batteries are dead, and I haven't tested it. Couple of scratches.

(I'm not good with card values, please offer if my prices are wrong ^^;) TCG HAGGLING WELCOME!

Spanish cards:

Poliwrath holo (13/102): $2 OBO
Raticate, Wartortle: $0.50
Everything else: $0.25

Donphan (21/111): $1
Furret, Phanpy: $0.50
Everything else: $0.25

Golduck, Seadra, Arbok: $0.50
Everything else: $0.25


Jynx, Seaking: $0.50
Everything else: $0.25

And that concludes everything for today! :D Thank you for reading!
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