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An intro... and a question! (and a want!)

Hey everyone! My name's Chy. : ) I'm pretty new to this comm. I'm a long-time Pokemon lover with a small collection of figures and plush, but my love of 5th gen has prompted me to fill my room with some more merch. I thought this would be a great place to start!

Unfortunately, I've already hit a small bump in the road. I love Victini, and I've really been wanting to get my hands on the Japanese Pokemon Center plush-- it's too cute!! I recently ordered one from eBay... but I'm sure I ended up with a bootleg, for a few reasons. The material feels off, it's sort of stiff; the little flip of fur that's supposed to be on the back of his head is sewn onto his bum between his wings instead, like a tail; and here's the kicker-- his arm is sewn on upside-down. Upside-down, with his fingers pointing the completely wrong way. Siiiigh. : ( I would have pictures, but my camera driver isn't installed on this computer yet!

I'm in the process of returning him to the seller, but I'm a little bummed out...! I still really want a Pokecenter Victini, though. So I come to you friendly folks with a couple of questions.

1) Where do you experienced collectors go to get your official plush? I know there are a lot of sales posts here, but is there another website that gets merchandise right from the Pokemon Center, or something like that? Certain reliable sellers on eBay? Any luck with Amazon?

and 2) By any chance, does anyone here on the comm have a Pokecenter Victini they're willing to part with? ; v ; If you do I'd be more than happy to take him off your hands. <3

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: introductions, victini
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