christiansuen (christiansuen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re-Intro, Wants & Question

Hi everyone,

I don't think I really introduced myself yet since I joined this wonderful community, so here goes :)
My name is Christian and I have been a Pokemon fan since it first came out. At first I would buy pretty much any Pokemon merch., but since about third grade I started mainly collecting figures.

I actually have many more Pokemon figures, from gashapon figures to zukans, but I haven't had time to set them up nicely onto my shelve due to bust schedule >_<"  So right now they are still sitting in a box. lol
However, I did managed to make time to put up all my Kaiyodo figures. I remember I used to only have a couple pre-order figures and a chess figure before I joined this community, but now my Kaiyodo collection has really grown XD

So basically I am very glad that I joined this community and hopefully my collection will grow even further!!!  XD

Now onto my Wants, ZUKANS!!!

If you are selling or willing to part with any of these zukan figures, or know someone who does, please let me know ^_^
I really appreciate it!  :D

And lastly, a question:
Does anyone, especially if you live in Japan, know when Bandai will release the next set of BW chou-gets? I have been waiting for the third set to come out since they released the second set. >_<"


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