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My charms arrived in the mail! :D

Skarmory isn't any different from its Johto charm (shown on the right); the only notable difference (which I couldn't capture in this photo) was that the pupil of the eye seems to be a bit darker and bolder in the Johto charm. Into the sale/trade pile the new one goes. :C

Swallows! They're one of my biggest collections so I really couldn't pass on getting their charms. Taillow is so adorable! ♥

Quilava. <3 Along with its Johto charm at the right. I really, really adore this artwork and hope it will show up elsewhere! I'm so happy to be able to display it, at long last. :D It's easily become my favorite of its 2-dimensional danglies!

I'm looking to trade for or buy a spare Quilava! I can offer Cyndaquil and Typhlosion right away or I can offer to trade Pidove from the third wave or anything from my sales post (even partial trade!). :D While I am interested in just buying Quilava, money is very tight so I can't accept just any price. Otherwise, Cyndaquil and Typhlosion and (mint in package) Skarmory are currently up for grabs for $6 + shipping each!
Tags: charms, quilava, skarmory, swellow, taillow, wanted
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