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I has an art!

And you can has it too! :D

Here is the deal- I REALLY want to buy Gin's Giant Munchlax, but I lack the money to do so. So I painted this picture. n_n Also I will be taking one commission for a similar picture! Also I am working on a Giratina/Shaymin picture which will also be for sale, but I need a painting break. D:

Additionally, I will be offering my services in designing/coding CSS layouts. Details for everything are below their respective cuts! :D

Amity Square Pokemon Painting

High bid- rini124@ 10 dollars

Size comparison with my Snorlax Kid

I worked really hard on this, so I hope it finds a loving home. <3 It is made with professional quality paints on 9x12 140 weight cold pressed acid free watercolor paper. The subject is Pokemon that are allowed in Amity Square! :D I ran out of space, so Shroomish and Psyduck missed out. :( I am sorry for the picture quality, but I don't have my real camera with me.

I am starting this auction at ten dollars with a 30 dollar BIN at any time. Please increase bids by at least a dollar and respond to the last person who bid so they know they were outbid! The auction will end Monday at midnight EST.

Commission Slot

This will be a commission for a watercolor painting on 9x12 140 weight paper, just like the piece posted above.

This will also be auctioned, starting at 10 dollars with a 30 dollar BIN at any time. :D Again, please increase bids by at least a dollar and respond to the person who bid before you. Ends at midnight EST on Monday!

CSS Layouts

I will have 5 slots for these. They are non-auction and will cost 12 dollars.

Here's what you get!
    Up to 5 different Header graphics
    One sidebar graphic
    Full CSS source code, all you will have to do is plug in your own text/images whatever you want your page content to be. The CSS will dictate layout (columns, headers and such) and also text and link styles and your background color (or an image if you want).

Extra header graphics for a dollar. <3

Here's my website for an example of what I can do

For some reason my graphics don't display properly in IE. ;_;

If you want one of these, please hit me up on AIM (nefhithiel) MSN/Windows Live( or via email ( because there is a LOT to discuss about how you want your layout to look!

I don't want to sound like a meanie-butt, but I will be wanting as-immediate-as-possible Paypal Payments. The sooner I get paid, the sooner I can pay Gin. :D

For the commissioned piece and the CSS Layouts, I do kinda want payment in advance because I don't want to work my butt off on something personal like that and then not get paid. >:[ I am not sure if this falls under the 'collecting payments for things you don't have yet' rule though. ;_;

Also, I am not sure what the shipping will be for the art. They have large size sturdy mailer envelopes at my University store, and they cost 3 bucks. So I am guessing 5-6 dollars total domestically. More for international.

Also feel free to comment if you just like the art. :3

If you think I am charging too much please tell me. ;_; I really want the Munchlax, and I think my prices are fair. I put a lot of time/effort/work into these things. :)
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