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Risha Moon

Tornadus EX and Heatran Lvl X for Trade

Hi again, PKMNCollectors!

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

So, this worked out pretty well last time I offered up a specific card for trade, so I'm trying again.

***My Heatran is in ENGLISH**** (I used a stock photo from bulbapedia...sorry about that.

These are my last two Ultra Rares I have up for trade. Would anyone be interested in trading/buying them? I'd like to get another ultra rare or lvl x in return, but I might trade for the equivilant in other cards. I'm not exactly sure how much Tornadus is worth. I'm thinking about $10 from what I could gather on Y! Japan, but I can't read Japanese, so I'm kinda guessing. ^^; And I think Heatran is about the same.

I also have Dark Rush cards still available to trade/sale - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11197597.html#cutid1 and a ton of others from English series. ^^;

My card want list will be posted upon request. :) Since I don't want to bore anyone.

Also, my Wave 2 Charms arrived at home today! *excited* I can't wait to see them this weekend. :D And, my gifts for my Secret Valentine arrived so I can mail those out soon. :D

And, small wants plug, if anyone has a Houndour Pokedoll they're willing to sell for about $25-30 shipped (tough chance...I know), a Corocoro Shining Mew card for about $15 shipped (again haha!), a Cinccino TOMY plush, a Stoutland clipping figure, Valentine Pikachu couple merchandise (especially the charm that comes with the tails) or the johtodex Pichu charm....let me know. :D

~ Risha
Tags: cards, charms, cinccino, figures, heatran, houndour, mew, pichu, pikachu, plush, sales, stoutland, tornadus
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