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Frostbitten Agriculture

It's been a while, community. A reintroduction, since my last post (while glorious) was a long time ago. My name is - most people know me as Cally (and oldschool members will remember me as callyfin). I collect death dragons, god ponies, fallen angels, and frozen chickens. Also cards. And all the birds. That pretty much covers me.

I had these two babies arrive today, after fretting that the post-Yuletide postal backlog had eaten them. I'm so glad because they're perfect. Without further ado:

"Can I go with you to work. Please? Pretty please? I won't melt in your bag I swear."

This was almost a true scenario today. You have no idea how close I was to taking him with me. He's just. Guh. Perfection.

To the main attraction! These two are total bros, even if they'd totally wreck each others work.

I really love the detail on Landy's face! My Landy is part of a full trio. Boltybro is with denkimouse, while Tornybro is with flag. Gin got to have them all camping out in her place for Christmas.

And his cloud base is legitimately super fluffy and cuddly. Heck, landy is cuddly in general.


Awuwuwu. Precious little baby. Who is the cutest widdle frozen chicken dragon ever.

Who has the best fabric for his ice claws.

And his face is gorgeous.

And seriously he's just. Yes. Incredibly cuddly, actually. He also sits on your head quite well, LOL! I really am just enamoured. A fine starting to the ice dragon collection.

All my Pokecen dragons! Palkia is my baby, too. She's very special, and she matches so so well with Kyurem. She's from the 2006 run, which were very rare, unlike the current run which have stayed around (which is a good thing, they're all so well made!). I adore them all so much, and all of them have special memories for me.

Hug times for the shimmery pair.

Thank you for looking!
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