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Plush Trade? And a get

So after searching for a while, I still don't really get any luck in obtaining canvas plushs, missed the 2009 Chikorita and Cyndaquil canvas a few times Dx

These are all I have now... and they are lonely ;_;

So ya, if you have a 2009 Chikorita or Cyndaquil Canvas, hang tag is not a must but would prefer to pay less if it's not included. I am also interested in other cheap canvas at around $10-15 before shipping.

Also, is there anywhere/ anyone that is still selling the Canvas Clear files for $6 each? I regretted only getting the Gen 2 one:S I know hardrock has them for $10 each but is a bit pricey :S

Also seeking this Cherubi plush


These are the plushs that I am offering to trade for (or some are for sale at my sales actually :P ).
Trades/ partial trades are all welcomed for my wants above or the full list: click for full wants list (:
All plush are in good condition and all have tush tags.
Manaphy pokedoll is American veoboa
Oshawott pokedoll is a shiny mod by emii234
Cut rotom pokedoll and Cubchoo Tomy has hang tags too

Just FYI, if you prefer to trade, I am from Hong Kong ^^; 
My feedback


I went to a game shop (ya, game shop, not hobby shop...) and found this today! Didn't know these were already released! I am sure Kyurem is also released but might have probably sold out :( I love Plamos (aka Model kits), but it's kinda sad how all the latest release costs ~$3 USD more than the older ones :x

Actually, I only want the Deino and Zweilous... Is anyone is interested in buying the Pikachu and Hydreigon for $12 + shipping for both? I can include the box and the original manual and you can assemble them at your own time, let me know if that's too much, I can go down in price.

I might be able to pick one or two of these up but I don't know if they will be still be in stock next time I go there, and they don't come cheap either so idk >u>

Tags: canvas, cubchoo, hydreigon, manaphy, oshawott, pikachu, rotom, togekiss, wanted
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