gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update/ pokedoll update and auction reminder

well for the last few weeks I have been cleaning out my room and been doing some reorganizing of the stuff I didn't have out to display

my table by the door of my room is what feature it all and were I store  my cards under I have most of my V trainers and movies games and books mostly all of my electronic pokemon also that green ball by the movies is a bouncy ball I found that looks just like a lum berry

recently rediscoved pikachu slippers 

Some of the plush who wouldn't fit in the display case in cluding paddle ball champion pikachu (he has the paddle ball so my can't can't eat it)

now to some of my favorite plush and pokedollsall of them are legit and cost me 10$ or less
flareon got off the community for 9$ thanksmewtwohavoka
Natu got in Epcot for 2$
Bisharp a gift 
Latias and mew Epcot for 10$ each

Now then about this electabuzz pin I have no clue about it what so ever other than it is official so can anyone give me any  info on it it would be much appreciated

Now a story about axew I went to 21 stores to find him and a t the last store when I was ready to give up I found him he was the last one left you can even see the little red tear on his eye from not being adopted ): poor axew

but now axew is like this (his tag)

now the auction reminder 

it ends in about 1 day now
click the picture to go to it
still items with no bids and at starting price like togepi at 10$
and talking pikachu at 5
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