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Though the Fire and Flames

Hey guys I am doing a special update! Recently I have started using Noppin and found some awesome items. For the rest of the items, I shall post later (MAJOR WANT OBTAINED!) Here is my holy grail.

A little background. I have been a fan of these guys for a while. Probobly my faverite evolution that isn't dragon type. I found out two of the three had pokedolls. I knew I had to complete the trio. I already had one. For the second he never got a pokedoll ( he should have!) and the third was hardest to obtain. I missed out on one on the comm. I found him on noppin.
No words can describe how i feel right now to complete this trio.

just a teaser


Firebolt the charizard. You guys may remember mr introducing him on my birthday. well here he is. Charizard is the first of the trio I obtained. After getting him, I made it my mission to get all three.

Charley the Charmeleon. I Love charmeleon. He gets badass poses but has few plush. If you remember the post about custom grails, I have two. One of them is a charmeleon pokedoll. I said if i ever got one I would post. here he is. I needed to get a charmeleon comission since he has no offical doll of his own ( like raichu!) I missed out on two times to get him. untill I got a commison from Hottiehulieo.

Zippo the charmander. I needed this guy to complete the trio. I found him on Noppin. Sure he is dusty but he is adorale. He was a pain to track down untill i found him.

A family photo.

I have a confession. I never put my name on the charmander list for the charms. When i saw the line and the poses- I had to get them. It was too late to add myself to the list. So I bought them off ebay on the day they came out.

I am sorry But charmeleons pose is just my faverite!
Expect the rest of my charms wil be posted together. When i have All of them!

Thats all from me! Till next time!
Tags: charizard, charmander, charmeleon, charms
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