Soul (zoroark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

eevee collection

I think it's about time I've posted my (small) Eevee & Eeveelution collection! So here we go (kind of image heavy!);

I didn't have much to begin with, but I had to do some weeding on my trading cards. I decided to only keep cards I deem mint condition, so most of them had to be pulled out. I collect English Eevee and Eeveelution trading cards. If you look below you'll see that I'm missing only four of every Eevee card printed in English, only one of which I may have trouble obtaining by itself (the Eevee from the 2006 TCG World Championships deck called Eeveelutions; if you have one in mint condition, I'd be more than willing to buy it!) The other three I just have to go out and buy sometime! Here be pictures (sorry for the semi-crooked scans):

I have a lot less Eeveelution cards now, so I bunched them together to just fill in page spaces:

Last but not least, charms! I received them in the mail today from Brian in Japan. Words cannot express the awesomeness of these!

There you have it! As always, I can't wait to get more ;3
Tags: collection, eevee
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