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Collection Update

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to do a collection update for a while but...well I'll explain.


Before pictures... I want to know if anyone has heard frompapaiyacoffeeI participated in one of her auctions...a few weeks ago, and I haven't
even been notified if she has shipped the plush out which happens to be my grail I've talked with
a few other members and no one seems to know what happened to her...
I remember she was about to go on hiatus from the comm or something but...
If anyone knows anything that will be great! 

I was hopefully going to post my grail Espeon Canvas in this post but sadly...it hasn't been come yet.

Alas, I still have some great new friends to introduce!

These guys came from the GA that em_lemonandgodudette hosted! I squealed a little when I opened the box! C":

These guys came from my attic aka my siblings unwanted Pokémon plush. I'm glad I found Azurill because she was missing!

I forgot that I had more canvas plush...SO that's why Pokabu and Miju are there

I got these Pokédolls on my recent (or two most recent) trips to Nintendo World!
I love Sawk because of this comic:

(dream world humor ふふふふふ)

ALSO funny story about Gothita!

When I was going to purchase him the cashier looked at his bow and said:

"Oh it's deffective" and he threw it behind the counter and told me I should get a new one...

ALL THE GOTHITAS LOOKED LIKE THAT. So when I told the cashier that...I asked him to give me the one he threw because i dunno we kind of made a connection. (; 3 ;)

I GOT SO MANY CANVAS! thank you placetohidedezchu and well...corinthianrose if they didn't delete..... (the squirtle is actually my roommates that I gave to him for Christmas and the Piplup will be my boyfriends!)

I named her Lettuce and her brother Bambi! (◡‿◡✿)

FINALLY my two favorites!!!

Natalie the Sewaddle and Catherine the Eevee!

mellow_cand graciously sold me sewaddle! (i love her! i just...can't even describe how much I love all Sewaddles and Swadloons)

the Catherine Walky Eevee was what my boyfriend got me for Christmas! He doesn't really play Pokémon as much as I do but I was really charmed that he remembered that Eevee evolves into many things (HE LITERALLY STARTED PLAYING THE GAME TWO WEEKS AGO AH!)

So I think I can calm down on buying for a while...But if you have any Leavanny line stuff your trying to sell I'll buy it...PROBABLY

Thanks for reading c:

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