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Secret Valentine 2012 Reminder

Hello everyone! Just a quick reminder to all Secret Valentine participants that you have one week left to send out your gift. All packages must be shipped out by Saturday February 4, 2012!!!

Let your host  [godudette, dewott, or allinia] know once you have sent out your gift. It must be shipped by [repeat] Saturday, February 4. That is the deadline! If you have any issues, contact your host asap. We're here to help! <3

Please keep a copy of proof of shipping for your host if needed. If your post office receipts aren't very detailed, take a picture of your package before you send it out. ^_^ 

Feel free to let us know if you've also received your gift already; share it with the community and don't forget to thank your Secret Valentine!! Thank you all for helping make this community project run so smoothly! We hope that it can become a pkmncollectors tradition someday.  <3 If you have any questions or comments you can post them here and thank you all for participating!

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