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I've Got a Golden Ticket....

Hi PKMNCollectors!

So, I know I just posted last night, but I have something to share that I think the community might care about and I didn't want to wait to share 'cause I'm excited. lol.

Short story first: I currently live in a college apartment but I have all my packages shipped to my home address because that's more reliable. So, every time I come home to visit (once or twice a month) it's like Christmas 'cause I have packages waiting for me. lol. This time I had about 10+.

The first ones I reached for were these -

from denkimouse I couldn't wait to see my charms! ^^

Exciting stuff under cut. ;)

My first Sunyshore packges! XD!

OMG! SO CUTE! I'm really glad now that I never got the older Houndoom and Houndour charms since they're the same. lol. I can't wait to wear these on the charm necklace I'm planning on making! EEE!

Close-up Pics!

MEW! I'm SOOOO glad I ordered this. I debated about it because sometimes they put Mew in weird poses but this is absolutely ADORABLE! <3

Puppiessss! Mew and Houndoom are about tied for my favorite Pokemon, so I was super excited when I got a slot in the charm claims for the Hounds. XD! Smeargle was a must since I'm an artist and I have a beagle. lol.

Then I was excited that Gin included the bags. They're so cute! :D I was moving the bag in the Hound package over when I saw....

...this peaking out behind it. I was like..."What's that?" I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the Golden Ticket contest. And then it came to me, I was like "OMG!!!!! I got a GOLDEN TICKETTTTT!!!" I immediately told my mom who had no clue what I was talking about, my boyfriend who doesn't really care about Pokemon, and then I texted my best friend sorjei who actually understood my excitement. lmao. I didn't even remember what I had won but I was just excited that I one of the eight Golden Tickets. lmao!

Then, per Sorjei's suggestion, I pranced around the house singing "I've Got a Golden Ticket" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. lol. ^^;

Charms and Ticket together. XD!

SO EXCITED! It was the perfect ending to a kind of crappy day (Apartment complex turned off the water first thing in the morning. I lost a bracelet that my friend gave me for Christmas just last month.) So...thank you, Gin. *glomps!*

I'll just put this in here randomly - I'm currently looking for the old johto-dex Pichu charm...if anyone has one they're willing to sell. ^^; And also an Aron charm (just saw the new one and it's ADORABLE!) and a Politoed charm.

Then I opened another package. This one from cyritic. I love alternate language cards (anything besides English or Japanese) and Cyritic was nice enough to trade booster packs with me. ^^

All the prettiesss before opening! :D If anyone collects booster pack wrappers, I have extras of the top three, so I'm willing to sell/trade one each.

Out of 48 cards, I only got 5 doubles (see below), and 24 of 48 were ones I actually collect. ^^ I plan on keeping all of them besides the doubles since I really like looking at the different languages...even if I can't read them. lol.

Doubles! I actually needed the first card and I haven't found anyone trading it...so I was super excited to finally get that. XD! I actually found out about it in the community awhile back when someone else was searching for one. The Furret, I think I have in 3 languages now (though maybe only two...can't remember if I actually have it in English yet. lol), which is neat! XD! I'm willing to trade/sell these. Sorjei might be interested in them, but just in case she isn't...let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know if they're available. :D

The two holographic cards I got in the booster packs. I think it's funny they're both of Infernape. At least that's one Pokemon I actually collect...even if it's not one of my top favorites. lol.

If anyone who has access to foreign language booster packs (or cards) would be interested in trading booster packs or cards. Please let me know. XD! This was really exciting. ^^

And....that's the end of my excited midnight ramblings.

~ Risha
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