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Questions About These Plush?

I've been looking over the few toys I have from my childhood, and I just realized that I know very little about the following plush:

As far as I know, these two were supposedly made by a company called Pyramid Accessories Inc? These both came with tags and straps on them when I bought them from a flea market at least 11 or so years ago.
I'm just wondering if these are bootleg plush? I suspect my Pikachu is and I can't find anything on the Pichu.

If you notice that the eyes look a little weird, it's because I just repainted them(But I totally did it exactly in the original circle.)
I cut Pikachu's tag off a while ago, but Pichu still has his:

I found it a bit odd that the tag doesn't list a year and I don't normally see plush made in Sri Lanka.

I was also wondering if Pichu is legit, is he worth anything? I plan on turning him into a Tufty Pichu bag(using the fabric from yet another Pikachu that I got at a flea market that I'm 100% sure is a bootie. But he has a matching color for Pichu.), but I'd rather not ruin something with potential value. XD;

Other info I've found out about the plush/company
-The company had a store in Koreatown in New York that shut down
-Other than my Pikachu backpack, Pyramid also put out a Squirtle(And possibly Charmander) backpack(s).

Thanks for any help guys!
Tags: pichu, pikachu
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