RUNAWAY PRINCESS. (xreni) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A couple of wants...

Hi, I'm looking for this plushie. AGAIN. I'm really bummed that my credit card died on me last year a few days before I got the chance to bid on one and it took 2 weeks before I got a new one. ANYWAY. I'm looking to buy the Pokemon World's 2011 Skateboarding Pikachu. I would like to buy him in the 25-35 dollars range and was disappointed when I saw someone selling him for 30 and it was already sold. -__-;


This is what he looks like.

Other than that I'm looking for an Oshawott Japanese Pokedoll [and perhaps some other Oshawott plushs in general] to go with my recently bought shiny modded pokedoll version. Other than that, I'm looking for the American Treeko pokedoll - new or not. If anyone got the Snivy and Tepig shiny modded pokedolls for sale, I might be interested in buying as well.

Other pokedolls that I'm looking for, though not at the top of my lists are:
Mostly looking for anything cheap with those, since I'm in no rush. So if anyone is wanting to get rid of theirs, I'm willing to buy if the price is cheap. With the two pokedolls I listed above, I mean.
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