Danielsard2 (danielsard2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking to commission

First, thanks for the super fast answer to my original question. It is a shame that there is no other gatr than this one

In this case, I would like to ask if anybody takes commissions for pokedoll sized plushies, as I am really interested in a gatr plaushie, but, as I was saying on my sales/trades plug the other day, I cant home anything larger than 6"


Here is the original question for those who still would like to read it, as it may answer your own questions :)

I've been looking for a few weeks for a 6" feraligatr plush, but my searches on bootleg friendly ebay have taken me to the banpresto/ufo plush that costs $155+

This guy ^

now here is my question: is this the ONLY kind of feraligatr plush that exists? (meaning that there is no pokedoll, pokemon center plush, other banpresto or jakks or other brand) at all?

Please let me know because I really want one, and I can trade or pay

Thanks in advance :)


PS:  The items I listed for trade and sale are still waiting for a new home, will you be their new home plz? 
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