tsutarjafan_18 (tsutarjafan_18) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll Photo Shoot

Hi pkmncollectors community ^^

Unfortunately I'm not here for a want list (seeing college did eat up my wallet again) or nothing but noticed that I never got a chance to share a photo with just my "pokedolls" ONLY w/o the ones from Takaratomy, "red" tag pokemon center ones, canvas and banpresto.

Total of 17 so far, so may I ask the community how many do you guys have?

So under the cut would be some photos of them, enjoy and thank you for looking/reading.

(From Left to Right, and please don't mind me on adding the Japanese names too..I'm just use to the Japanese names more) All of them are MWT unless stated and the eevee evos is all Minky

1. Zorua/Zoroa
2. Erufunn/Whimsicott
3. Lizardon/Charizard
4. Lapras
5. Latios
6. Latias
7. Glacia/Glaceon (tag is detached)
8. Leafia/Leafeon (NO tag didn't come with it)
9. Eevee
10. Eeffie, Espeon
11. Blackie, Umbreon
12. Booster/Flareon
13. Showers/Vaporeon
14. Thunders/Jolteon
15. Sheimii/Shaymin
16. Chirachiino/Cinccino
17. Tsutarja/Snivy

Tags: flareon, jolteon, pokedolls, shaymin, snivy, vaporeon, whimsicott
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