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I'm so excited I got sales permission! I've got three things up for auction today:
*Swinub Jakks Plush starting @ $5
*Flygon EX (Legend Maker) starting @ $20
*Magnezone Prime starting @ $20


*Sales permission granted 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched
*I ship from the United States, shipping should be around $5  in the US and I can ship to anywhere!
*No sniping
*Auctions end Saturday, Feburary 4 at 12:00 am EST
*Serious buyers only!
*I can do trades/partial trades for Snivy line goods, but you must ask me before you bid :) After that, bid away! (This rule only applies to people who want to trade) Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing!

The first item up for auction is my Swinub Jakks plush!

Swinub has her tush tag, but no hang tag. She's in great condition!

Next we have Legend Maker Flygon EX and Magnezone Prime!

Both are in mint condition; sorry about the photo (there was a wave in the paper...) I pulled both of them, so I know they're legit.

Good luck everyone! Thanks for looking!

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