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My Very First Sales Post!

I've never sold before - so please let me know if my prices are unfair, too low, ect. 
Well feel free to browse! I have some kids, some pokedolls, and other Misc. items! Cards will be added later once I sort  um' all out :3
Click Below to be Transported!

Permission by EntirelyCliched 24 January 2012)
Also- I was lucky enough to win a new Charmander Pokedoll 10th Anniversery Edition with tags, so feel free to shoot me some offers for my old one, it doesn't have tags. I may decide to keep them both though because it was my very first plush grail get! :D

My card collection is doing SO WELL!!! Theres huge dent in my goal to collect every card ever made. So now I am seeking a lot of Rare more expensive cards. If you have a card thats worth over 20 USD (example Shining Charizard) I probably don't have it and would really like to trade for it. So check out for my sales for that too!
Tags: eevee, magmar, sales, starly, vaporeon
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