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new sales post!

Hey guys! Sorry about the double post but I've been waiting for my post to leave front page and my bf is demaning I go to sleep, so just posted it in a hurry! In preparation for my holiday to new york in two weeks, I'm clearing out some space for some new pokemerch :D come take a  gander at my wares old and new! Each order will also come with at least one freebie!

I live in the UK and I ship worldwide
I accept paypal ONLY unless you live in the UK
Prices do NOT include postage and fees. They are charged seperately.
Please state where you live in your order so I can calculate shipping accordingly
I DO accept trades/part trades! My wants lists are located:
here: thetroublewithgibles.weebly.com/wanted-list.html
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html#cutid1
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8300.html
and here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8547.html

Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order
PLEASE DO NOT PM ME OFFERS. I will only count your offer/order if you post in the thread.
Sales permission granted by lineaabla on 31st August, 2010

Feedback thread here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/fizzycat/

Tissue packs! Featuring zekrom, reshiram, snivy, tepig, oshawott and pikachu. $1 each!

shadow lugia pokedoll, a little loved but no stains/tears whatsoever. $30
lucario velboa pokedoll: $25

snivy TY beanie: $15 shipped
bonsly banpresto plush: $7
paras applause plush: $15 OBO

MPC plush! all mint with tag's. $10 each.
Available: servine, oshawott, scraggy

zekrom DX banresto plush: $20

Raichu FCS: $5
Raichu league iron on patch: $5
pikachu strap: $1
pikachu roller stamper (stamps pikachu and raichu) $1
machop and munchlax jakks: $1
weavile, pikachu, swellow chess pieces: $1 each

tape dispenser, dispenses cute pokemon tape! $2
latios, anorith, carvanha waps: $1 each
koffing, gengar coins: $1 each
rotom/frost rotom zukan : $2
muk mini stamp: 0.50c

garchomp zukan piece (missing back fin) $7
lickitung zukan piece $4
heatran, palkia, bonsly candy figures: $1 each

pikachu and piplup pokeball keychains, $2 each

rayquaza plastic container/bag $7
sealed jigglypuff BK light up toy sealed: $2

awesome pins! not sure if theyre official but theyre awesome none the less!
mew, mewtwo and dragonair: $5 each (mewtwo on hold for mewtwohavoka)
all others: $2 each
available: charmander x1, squirtle x2, psyduck, horsea, jigglypuff, meowth

zekrom bronze metal collection coin, $5

zorua EU spinner attack figure by bandai: $7
dialga battle base figure with standee: $5

all kids in this pic: $2
available: reshiram, attack dialga, dialga, darumaka, magnezone, drillbur, gothorita, pansage

kids in this pic are damaged: 50c
available: honchkrow, roselia, bidoof, staraptor, shieldon
empoleon thinkchip (claws are chipped) $1
magnemite spinning top: $1
salamence chess piece: $2
jigglypuff roller: $1
totodile mcdonalds toy (plastic has discolored due to age): $2

staraptor EU exclusive attack figure. Very playworn on his hair spike: $5

metal dog tags in above picture: $4 each
available: dragonite, absol, zapdos, espeon, entei, latias, articuno

all the following dog tags are $2 each:

dragonair, marshtomp, meowth, zigzagoon, ludicolo, manectric, slaking, charmeleon, lairon, swellow, sudowoodo, ralts, mudkip, lombre, ivysaur, aggron, venusaur, pidgeotto

illumise, bulbasaur, swellow, raticate, treecko, delcatty, croconaw, totodile, aipom, zubat, snorunt, pidgey, gardevoir, alakazam, wobbuffet, taillow, dratini, skitty, hariyama, meowth

zapdos tomy keychain: $5

TCG metal carry tin! Holds three decks in deckboxes along with a dicebag and extra cards. I use one for league and it gets loads of compliments! $20

DX fuzzy chu NOT FOR SALE!
Custom gible hat, gets loads of compliments and attention at cons! this is a spare. $10

bootleg jolteon and vaporeon keychains. Still very cute and very well painted! great if you just want a cheap keychain for use so you don't have to worry about it going missing. $2 each.

espeon pan sticker: $3
the rest: $1 each
available: kyogre, groundon, venonat, spearow, duskull, zoroark

pokemon polly pocket playset! complete with all accessories and bits. only problem is charmander had a bit of an art accident!

I got it like this, so not sure if a factory error or a very craetive child! Will try and clean him as best as possible. $10 for the set

custom blastoise mini standee, $8
thanks for looking guys! Before I go a quick want:

I'm looking for a certain charizard pan sticker if anyone can help me! The charizard labeled A in this pic:

(credit to toz/happyjolteon for the pic!)

If anyone could help me I would be very grateful! Thank you!

Tags: bandai, banpresto, custom, gen5, gible, lucario, lugia, mpc, oshawott, paras, raichu, rayquaza, reshiram, sales, scraggy, snivy, staraptor, zekrom
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