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for anyone who has bought something from me since the beginning of the month forward, all of your things will be shipped this coming thursday! school and work caused delays earlier, but this time i'm delaying it on purpose because i will have a chance to mail from the US instead of canada, since our prices keep going up. it's getting crazy all up in here

anyway today i am offering you some very special custom items

what you see here are some adorable and excellent custom derp nuggets made by my talented bro caffwin. they are made of felt and are perfect, and they come in a mcdonalds nugget box. seems legit

it even comes with a nugget for you to customize! i never got around to it unfortunately. each nugget is made of felt, details made of stiff felt.

i will not separate them
but you are welcome to sort out a group buy

i am not sure what to sell them for or how many people will be interested, so i will be taking offers for the complete set. no offers lower than $30 please! shipping will be $4 as they will be mailed from the US.

thanks for stopping by

Tags: darumaka, sales
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