areica96 (areica96) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My two grails

Okay, I know all I really post are wants.. I'm sorry.. I'll have a collection update post in a few weeks, I'm just waiting on a special item.

Speaking of special items, I wanted to ask if anyone has a 1:1 Laying Pikachu or a 1:1 Dittochu. I saw both recently on auctions, but by the time I saw the posts they were already BIN'd.. ;.; I'd be willing to pay up to $200 before shipping on each of these. My only problem is that I currently only have about $80.. Hopefully someone out there has one of these and would be willing to work out payment plans for the rest of the money? Id really love to get a grail before my birthday.

Also, a teeny extra want, but if I can't find either of my grails, does anyone have a smaller dittochu? My boyfriend is a Pokemon fan as well, and Pikachu and Ditto are his all time favorites. I originally wanted to give him the 1:1 dittochu for his birthday back in November, then I realized how much he was.. So, I'd really like if I could find him a smaller one as a little Valentine's Day gift. I have no idea how much they go for though..
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