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First Group buy!! 2009 Charms :)

Super excited to bring you my first GB
And the claiming is done now! If you are wanting one of the last two after this is posted message me and we can work something out. :)
 Thank you all!!

-NO backing down!!! I will leave negatives!
-First come first serve. :)
-No inquiries about shipping.
-I WILL NOT purchase this lot until EVERYONE has paid. 
-There will be ONE payment.
-Paypal ONLY
-I have spoken with the seller personally. Any questions you have I can relay to the seller immediately. :)
-Feedback HERE
-granted sales permission on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched
EDIT: I will be collecting everyone's part AFTER all are claimed!
-I require payment within 48 hours of the GB claiming closing. Preferably 24 hours so we can get the package shipped immediately. Negatives will be left if no response and your charm will go back up for claims.

-The price is $12.5 a charm. This includes the shipping TO me and Paypal fees.

-The price to ship FROM me to you will add an additional $3.  (Canada and US will apply for this)
I will charge $6 for international
 (These include bubble mailer.) -This is no matter how many charms you purchase.    

You purchase one charm, price will be $15.5 shipped. ($18.5 internationally)
You purchase two charms, price will be $28 shipped. ($31 internationally) 

Up for Grabs:
-Eevee [wutastic ]
-Eevee [tailglow ]
-Jolteon [wutastic ]
-Jolteon [epicaz ]
-Vaporeon [ havvaiibabe]
-Flareon [[info]havvaiibabe ]
-Flareon [wutastic ]
-Espeon [[info]havvaiibabe ]
-Mew [wildtentacruel ]
-Mew [miss10 ]
-Larvitar [ ]
-Pupitar [ ]
-Tyrantitar [ areica96]

I am purchasing 1 vaporeon and 1 umbreon.

Quote from sellers auction; 
"They're in new condition (asides from not coming with the original packaging) and i'll send them in bubble wrap (or in a padded envelope) via registered post"

Also important: the seller is shipping from Australia so please understand it might take a week or two before I get them. :)

Any questions or comments just post below. :)

Only 2 more left to claim!!!
I want to get this completed by 6pm MST so if there are no claims on the Larvitar line I will personally purchase them and put them up for sale later. I'd hate us to be stuck on them and want us to be able to order the charms ASAP.

rUPDATE: Charms are shipped!!!
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