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Get, Want, Meme!

Short post is short (for me) 'cause I'm in a bit of a rush. If you're waiting on a reply from me I'll get to you tomorrow! ♥


Got my wave 2 charms a few days ago! No ticket for me, but the charms are definitely enough. *o* I also got two other packages which contained the Wobbuffet figure you see from leafeon_420 and an adorable sticker sheet from meguroco! ♥

ISN'T HE CUUUTE HE'S HAPPY I'M SO HAPPY HE'S HAPPY ;O; Bonsly♥ I intentionally avoid looking up charm sets before receiving them because I like being surprised when I open the package. XD Bonsly's charm is so tiny! It's my tiniest charm, haha. I can't believe I'm the only one who got one, though. YOU DISAPPOINT ME, COMM MEMBERS. FOR SHAME. *finger wag*

Aaand Wobbuffet set. (These baby evos are so shiny in my photos. DX) Look at that adorable pose! He's so proud. XD Ahh, gotta love the dorky blob.

I also got this Wobbu, a block figure to match the Pichu one I got for my boyfriend (since he likes both of them and we share the Wobbuffets). He looks so disgruntled. XD


'toed stickers!

I already have the one in the bottom left (thanks to puyro ♥), but I'm after any of the others pictured -- or ones not pictured? If you know of any not in this image please share! I want them all. :D Though, I'm really only looking to spend $1-$2 max per sticker right now. ♥ Multiples from the same person are best, otherwise I'll probably only get one or two from different people. Shipping to Canada! Plain white envelopes are fine.

So, I was thinking about this the other day and I wondered what you guys thought. What makes you happiest: finding an item for sale of your collection-of-choice Pokemon that you don't already own, or finding an item for sale that you do already own?

I figured the answers were probably varied and interesting, and possibly change the more you collect! For me, I get happiest finding something I do own, because it's like... yay, I have Politoeds! XD (Also, yay I don't have to spend much. e_e) But I think once I have more Politoed it'll make me happiest to find items I don't have. So what about you guys? How do you feel at this moment in your collecting life?


Edit: Forgot to add a collection site plug. XD I finally finished bringing it back up to date. So, would anyone like to share collection links? :D My site's here:

Also, if you have any information about an item that is lacking on my site, please do tell me! Same goes for corrections, or suggestions to fix my site (especially if you find a typo or some wrong info).
Tags: bonsly, politoed, wanted, wobbuffet
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