Misselaineous10 (miss10) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tomy Ducklett plush? + Chikorita Laughing at Things!

Hi guys! <3

I'm just asking about a future(?) release of a plush I've had my eye on. It's the Tomy Ducklett plush (which is being released with Rufflet and Archen). No, this isn't the MPC plush, as the bill is a bit different, as do other features of this plush.

Anyone have any idea on when this plush (or the plush set, really) will be released? A source said it releases in January or so, but I have yet to see this one on sale anywhere yet. Only the MPC one. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Also, I haven't forgotten about Chikorita Laughing at Things! Here's the next image installment of this silly photo series.

Poor slighty-mutated plastic Mew puppet. Not only did he look weird, he fell down! Oh Chikorita, why so cruel? XD

I'll probably shop my Chikorita plush in other situations in Photoshop later, but I still want this series to be Pokemon related, merch or not. Perhaps I'll also make a Tumblr, Flickr, or whatever in the future as well. For now, I want it to be a small-time thing. =P

Thanks for viewing! =D
Tags: chikorita, ducklett, plush, tomy
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