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I make other Pokemon open packages for me

And other fun things C:

So lately I've been seeing people use this kind of photostorytelling, and here I am to bite off of you!

More pictures under the Californian cut:

So today I received a lot of packages in one day, 4! That's a personal record ^ ^
I woke up Trapinch to help me open them with her strong teeth.

We wanted to open the biggest one first, of course, so Trapinch nom nom nommed on it until it opened up...

A sweatshirt! Huzzah! Ok, this is material for a commission. NEXT!

Trapinch wanted to open the tiny tiny one, so I agreed and she opened it up.

ooh! a battrio coin from taycs! Thank you taycs!
I had to take this away from Trapinch because it's a choking hazard. ^ ^

The next package is from furrettails!! It was snarkily addressed to a "Mr. Croagunk". hehe, nice one! That should be my official title. Edison Mills. "Mr. Croagunk"!!

A wild Croagunk popped out!!
"Hello!" says Trapinch.
Croagunk looks confused.
I was like, okay, next package!
But Trapinch wouldn't listen! She kept scrounging around in there, not listening to a word I said. Then she got something and ran all around my room holding it in her teeth!
Luckily she isn't that hard to catch, being such a top heavy silly thing.

Whatcha got there, Trapinch?
Oh, it's a little doodle from furretails!! Im glad you caught that! :D

Next Croagunk jumped on Trapinch's back and we opened the even bigger package!

Whoa! It's a giant Croagunk! How do you do? :D
Giant Croagunk: "CRO-GUNK!!"
Wow! You're a talking Croagunk! Sweet!!! *pushes hand repeatedly*

He was holding 2 pokemon cards, which unfortunately were crushed inside the package since they were packaged together >.< Fail... It's not ALL too bad, it's got a bend in it though, so that made me sad. Big brother gunk was just too fat!

Now they're all safe and happy on the collection spot atop the TV.

hooray!!! Actually there's LOTS of new additions, mostly flats. The left-most figure is my new Chou get frog and the square thingy is a custom wallet made by moi! *u*
flats are, well, you kind of see em :/ I'll make a proper post about it later

Well, see you around everyone!
Do you make your pokemon do things for you too? XD
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