Ash Ketchup (combustion__) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ash Ketchup

Hello everyone!!  Just a few things from me today. :)

First off, I have updated my sales with a few more things! Look for some pickachu, movie goodiebags, and reduced prices! I'm moving on the 7th so every little bit helps! Offer to haggle if you're interested in anything!

(I will get a banner. One day.)

Second off, speaking of moving, HOW DO  YOU GUYS DISPLAY YOUR STUFF WHEN YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HATES YOUR PILES OF POKEMON? He's forcing me to confide it to a tiny little corner somewhere. ;----; I think I can get him to agree to a corner bookshelf-type thing in the computer room. My collection isn't too large so it would fit, I guess, but I want to see what you guys recommend! Any pictures or links would be wonderful! Or advice to make your boyfriend love Pokemon.

And so this post isn't HORRIBLY boring, here are my latest gets! I got them from donny9 while he was doing pickups. SO CUTE, LOOK AT THEM! (They are the only two things that aren't sitting in a box atm.) ;--;

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful-rest-of-your-winter!
Tags: dwebble, emolga, sales
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