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Yearly Collection Update

Yay for collection updates! I'm actually pretty excited about this one. :) This is slightly image heavy guys.

Houndour Zukan Piece! I got this little guy from mandysaurus_rex. He's so small and tiny but I can still see him when I'm lying on my bed. He was insanely annoying to photograph though because of how small he is, so he's sitting on Remus head.

Next up is the Bulbasaur Canvas Plush I got from denkimouse. I've always loved Bulbasaur ever since R/B and then FR/LG. So, when I saw this little guy I just had to have him.
I named him Nirvana, which was the first name of my Bulbasaur. :D

My lovely Blitzle Pokedoll comes next. I got this from blackfruitbat. She was kind enough to even change the shipping address, so I got this cutie when I was home over winter break instead of waiting until I got to Purdue for her. :D
I named her Nico after my in-game Blitzle and also a member of the Velvet Underground. :) I might get another one in the future because of how cute she is.

So, I love the Canvas line. I really do. They're just precious and amazing. I ended up caving and getting a Mudkip canvas from nanoplasm. No real reason why, I just find Mudkip adorable. He is special because the awesome members over on the pkmncollectors FB group helped me name him. His name is Skids. :D

And then finally, I GOT MY CHARMS! I ordered a Houndour and Houndoom (obviously!) set from denkimouse. I had actually gotten worried they had gotten lost. I so infrequently check my mailbox at Purdue because it's so annoying to open, but I checked tonight and low and behold they were there! :D :D

And then finally a shot of all my plush that I have at Purdue!

Edit: I've got a question--how sturdy are the charms? I'm tempted to put Houndoom on my zipper to my Who sweatshirt or my keychain, but I don't want him to really get damaged or anything or fall off?

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