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I got a new Camera. SO. This post is going to be..painfully long, it will contain an overview collection update, and pictures of some more repaints that I have done, as well of pictures of various qualities since some of these pictures were taken months ago.

For anyone that...doesn't know who I am, that's unsurprising, you can do a filter search on me and come up with maybe three posts, which I recommend for those that want to compare what I had to what I have, it's pretty nice. But, as of next Thursday I will have been a member here for a full year! Which I am proud of. Anyway, onto pictures, older ones first I think.

Lets start with all my lovely custom boxes, all made by Winterjellybean, all AMAZING. You might have seen these already from her own posts, but...well, these are the pictures I took! So deal with it.

Here is the Top and side, with Beautiful detail work. The artist and I discussed all the details on this piece, and she perfect, I just can't express. Let's see just who is inside this beautiful box!

Ta-Da! It's a rainy day Charmander! My very fav, of course. He is truly exquisite, from the grassy bit, the little rock, My personal taste with having one with GREEN eyes (I'm kind of obsessed with that, I'll touch on it later) his little leaf, and even his sweet little smile! The details on the top are rain drops.

Look at that little tail! It' lovely! AND HIS WIDDLE FEET. Okay, sorry, get a little distracted with Charmanders.

Next Box is another of my fav's.

What could this one be? Blue flames, Snowflakes?? Beautiful, isn't it all..

Shiny Ponyta! Gods is she pretty, I simply can't express. She's in a complicated pose too, I know, cause I was so picky!

I...can't express. It's pretty. And snowy! Okay, next box, it's one I had made for my Boyfriend.

Sorry for the Blurry, still getting used to the new Camera <.< Whooooo could this be?

Squirtle Squad Squirtle on his little beach! Look at that tiny palm tree! He is so cute. And with his little glasses! The theme is sunset on a beach, sooo pretty.

Okay, that's all the boxes, but not all my customs, this next one did not come from here but from DA, artist Higginstuffs (I think lol)

Isn't it Neat?? Can't tell what it is? I'll show you.

That is my pretty DS XL! And it'l protective Charmander case! It can also hold 4 DS games, great for keeping off scratches, which I care about a lot. Again, if you'll notice, Green eyes per my request.

These are my charms that live on it, all by another fav artist of mine, Hazuza. Charmander, N, Luke (Professor Layton), and Quacky! He's my in game Ducklett equipped with Rocky Helmet, and by far mt fav B&W Pokemon.

Next up I think I'll show my repaints that I do, I LOVE to do them, so there's quite a few pics of the same ones, for which I apologize -.-;

Shiny Ponyta Kid! Most fun to repaint, by far. Also, making out ponies for the win.

Here she is with the same kid unpainted.

Next up, in the same vein, Shiny Rapidash kid. Not as pretty, but more flame to paint. Very glamorous.

Comparison shots.

Psyduck shiny kid! Blue pokemon are preeeeety.
Comparison. Don't mind Dialated normal psyduck, I recolored those too cause they were lopsided, and they just got...wider.

Now, this is a teddiursa tomy (duh) and while he seems legit, when I got him...he did not look so. He had what looked like the tail of a Golduck and was this awful pale brown color, so I broke the tail off, made a new one with sculpy and glue that on, then game him a pretty new paint job. Ta-da! I'm quite fond of him.

These are most of the rest of my shiny repaints. Pachirisu kid, Minun kid, Diglett and Dugtrio Tomy's, Bootleg Cubone Tomy, Sandshrew (Shiny and normal to see difference) Tomy, and Shiny Nidoking! I Love to repaint.

Okay, the rest of this Should just be the overview I mentioned, as I don't take many pics of things right as I get them. I'll try to keep things orderly.

Figures! Randomly displayed for the most part!

Pokeball, All the McD's toys, Charmander Ornament (With repainted green eyes you can't see lol) The entirety of my Bidoof collection, Tepig stylus, A white box that has all my Hazuza charms (Which is a lot and I miss her lol) Squirtle squirt toy, and Blastoise DX Tomy. Dont mind the wussy portion of my manga collection, I miss all my manga. ;_; (It's in storage cause it's...too much for my apartment right now lol)

Ho-oh and Lugia preorder figures. Yes, ho-oh is wearing a skirt on one foot. Don't judge! Spheal zukan piece and Jakks, look how cool they look together! Also, Charmander dice packs. And more manga.

I love that Ducklett kid, he is so cute! There's my Teddiursa Repaint Kid, I wondered where I put him! Random stuff, you can tell what it is I think :P Of course feel free to ask if you are unsure. Also featuring James the Nidorina standee that a friend made for me when we were playing a Pokemon tabletop RPG.

This is my small collection of Nido's! I like the two together. <3 Is there a female TFG? If so I need it. I'm also still missing a Nido Male Tomy. *siiiiigh*

Okay, so, not everyone might get this, but this is my little amused tribute to the Pokemon movie they played during the B&W tour.

This is my Bulbasaur Collection, not inclduing plush! I don't really remember what is new in this from my last picture, but I know there's new stuff.

Caterpie Line collection (I should get those charms...) Azurill collection, and Licki's! Kissing Butterfrees! Smooooooch.

My sad little ditto collection, but it does include the brand new charm! I was so not expecting a new pose, so cute., totally not a Strawberry marshmallow figure. Nope.

These are my PONIES! Kids, Jakks, cards, stickers, metal figures, fcs, Tomy's, stamps, (new) charms. I love these ponies.

Duuuuucks! I like ducks. Not shown Golduck Jakks (too big for case spot) and Golduck kid (put away for paint repairs). Oh, also, Oddish. Small collection!

Okay, this next bit of figures is kind of intense; it's my Charmanders. Well, might as well go in.

Just got this this week, no place for it yet so just took a pic quicky!

I made this pic small, which hurt my soul, but this is the main hub of my Char's. I have detail shots of the shelves up next.

New items include chess piece, BK toy, and Candy thingy.

New would be the Lock and Key, bouncy ball, Pancake figure (OMG Luffs <3), the teeny tiny Mystery Dungeon figure with bandanna, Roller ball figure that needs a bath, there's a coin and a battrio that fell over apparently, one of 7 Charmander dice I have, and unknown figure.

Notice the two pull back figures, one with green eyes, that's my repaint XD I'm crazy, I know.

Just showing off my new and old Charmander Charms and swing keychain. That charmeleon is up for trade if anyone is ineterested, just left it cause other wise I'd lose it. :D The Charizard was used as a part of my for the Valentine exchange ;D

Here's a few more various things. Stay with me.

My Pokebox zipper pouch and pink 3DS! I also got the hard zipper case, but it's currently holding all my paintbrushes for mini  figures, kid, and various other painting.

These are all my Notes I have gotten from you lovely people!  love them <3 Also....various posters on the wall. Sorry for them being random.

OMG I love this poster! Ahhhhhhh. Bits of my collage wall shown.

Okay! Best for last! PLUSHHHHH.

Stuff that hangs out on the sofa, Squirtortle, Quacky (Who I am in the process of making a Rocky helmet) A pika buddy that was a christmas present from a girl at work who knows NOTHING about pokemon other then I love it <3 Jakks plush Dewott from ze boyfriend, and the Mighty Derpatina! Sporting my B-Day Tiara in this shot.

This is the Mighty Plush shelf we built that resides in the livingroom over the sofa, and some posters and junk.

Detail one! Take note of my lovely legit Eevee Pokedoll <3 Thank you GA's!

I love all my Azurill Plush! The fuzzy wuzzy one is new <3

And my Char's <3 They fill me with love.

Plush on my boyfriends desk.


My new Bulbasaur resting on My guitar Undine.


So! Yeah. That was....not fun. But! I looks nice atleast lol
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