netherzard (netherzard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pickups for Elusive HTF Pokedolls

So this week I had my very first sales post! Yay me! And I noticed a lot of you were very upset to see the the Cleffa Pokedoll go! Well I know where I can get more for all of you who seek it!

So here are slots for the following Pokedolls along with prices- they may not be the best deals but Im not very sure what all these guys go for on the community. I just took the price and added 3-5 USD for commision.
*All are new with tags of course*

Cleffa Pokedoll : 35 (4 slots)
Noctowl Pokedoll : 40 (1 slot)
Magby Pokedoll: 35 (5 slots)
Mime Jr. Pokedoll: 35 (5 slots)
Togekiss Pokedoll: 30 (5 slots)
Igglybuff Pokedoll: 35 (4 slots)

I;m taking 5 USD commission on each so if you want more than one let me know and Ill give you a deal by cutting my commission :3
This is an hour long drive so I will only be doing this run once and it may be next week or this week.
If not enough people are interested then I wont be doing it :(

Sales permission by EntirelyCliched 24 January 2012
Tags: cleffa, igglybuff, magby, noctowl, togekiss
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