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Happy Birthday To Me~!! ^__^

Yup! Today is my birthday... and I had to work. ^^;; Ah well. Money is money. I just wanted to show you guys some of the Poke goods I got as gifts.

These I got from my bf, kaygee84! <333 Talking Darkrai was given to me early during the fire. He wanted to cheer me up. <3 In front of him is my huge TOMY Rayquaza figure~! <33 I've had my eye on this for quite awhile. The lady at the booth in my local mall is selling these. She also has Lucario (which I WILL get) and Torterra. This guy shoots a little plastic projectile from it's mouth. My bf and I have fun making him sing and talk. XD;; I'm supposed to get another Poke gift later on. It just hasn't arrived in the mail yet. Once I get it, I'll be sure to rave about it to you guys. ^_~

My sister got these for me. <3 I have to admit, they wouldn't be my first choice in kids. ^^;; But they ARE from my sister, so they will be treasured. <333 Blissey makes me laugh. She's like, "I'm gonna kick your ass with my onslaught of eggs~!! Trust me, I NEVER run out~!!!" XDD
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