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Agsjhddhjh ;___;

Yes at a yard sale!

Tyranitar is my ultimate grail, the ultimate of ultimates. To find one at a yard sale with entei-  I can't even describe that shock. Tubs of pokemon plush and these just...god.
These two are in such amazing shape it's unreal.
Char doll for size ref, and oh god please ignore my messy room. >_>



That oversized groudon is not my old one ;_;

I now have one more oversized groudon! With the new one being in even better shape than the old. And what's more i found out they are different versions 0_0 With one being 2003 and the other being 2004.(i'll post comparison shots some day)



The big guys! Anyone know what that marril is? She's humongous o_o

^Very large pic

Taking these outof the tubs was so insane. Like i've not seen half of these ever and was going 'ooooh what's that? WHAT THAT?? what is that??'.

These guys are poseable!

Little tiny plush, my first time seeing almost all of them. Anyone know what that gyarados is? He's not the BK toy.

So for the story of how this happened:

I basically check craigslist every once in a while and search 'pokemon'. I rarely ever see anything amazing but i secretly hope to find one of the huge pokemon center plush listed (no lie). I'm browsing down when i open something about a huge plush lot at a yard sale. It takes me a few seconds to even register that that's a picture of tyranitar and entei. My brain literally could not process it. Then I FREAKED the frak out XD Pacing my room "oh god"-ing like crazy.

Then i looked at where the yard sale was...a 2 hour drive away. I get up and tell my dad i'm about to ask him the craziest thing ever, i ask him to lend me the money and drive me over there. He just says okay, no 'whaaaat?', nothing, Just totally okay with this.

So off we go! And two hours and an awesome seller later and we're heading back home with a backseat and trunk full of pokemon. 0_0
(image heavy)
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