RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Packing received!

I have received my order of Sunyshore, and my figures of lightofapollo and featherclaw . Thank you guys! ^_^.

But, was not in my house. The order of Sunyshore I have to go tomorrow (I have the paper-notice that I arrived, only), and the Zukan of Riolu&lucario's got my boyfriend now, but tomorrow I have the two packages ^-^.

The only that I have right now is Leafeon's chou get of  featherclaw . I love this figure...ah!, Thank you for the Eevee sticker and little draw of Leafeon in the pack <3, you are very kind ^_^.

The figure and sticker:

The cute draw <3 :

And my little cute Leafeooooooon~~ :

I'm sorry that the photos are poor quality, but my camera not have batteries now and I use the mobile for the photos ^^U...

P.d: A little gif <3~~

Tags: figures, leafeon
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