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collection update, wants, trades, opinion

Hello wonderful community :3

1.) I'm looking to expand a very small collection, and weed a very large collection.
Yep, I've gone Oddish and Wooper crazy and have tired of Mew. Too much competition! So I honorably throw my towel in and will let the rest of yous duke it out over that pretty pink kitty :D

And I have too much stuff XP:

(if anyone wants close-ups for their wants list or what not, let me know :))

So, here's what little I have of Oddish (and Bellossom!):

And my happy poketat (points to icon :D)

And the laughable Wooper collection! Where all da Woopers at?!

2.) Now, as for wants, the main things I'm looking for are plushies of both, mainly
and this: 
(photos from poke plush project)

-But any plushie, any at all is wonderful. I have plenty of monies now that Mew's on the back burner :p
-Figures, eh, might be interested! Definitely want the zukans though.
-Flats are trade only. I don't like spending anything on a little picture, haha.

3.) Speaking of trades, I went through my collection and have compiled a couple of things that I am willing to ONLY trade for. Including some rare Mew stuff, a Vaporeon MWT canvas, a set of Vappy, Flareon, Jolteon minky pokedolls, and some Dittochu stuff!
(only trades) (sales 1) (sales 2) (TCG)

4.) Opinions for all!
I bought this yard of omgkawaii fabric and have no idea what to do with it!

It's only 3ft. by 2ft. I can't make it into a pillow or any kind of bedding... my cats have a tendency to knead everything -_- So any ideas would be SO welcome <3

Thanks you guize!
(PS if I put too many pics up let me know and I'll HM01)
Tags: mew, oddish, vaporeon, wooper
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