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Grail get and Pokecen run :O

GRAIL TIME!!! I'm so excited! I finally got one of my grails that I've been looking for for a couple of years now...

Can you see it...? :D


It's weedle!!! Get down from there.

I know, I know, it doesn't seem like much of a grail to all of you non-weedle lovers out there... (which would be... everyone but me :[ ) But I have seriously been trying to find this forever! Every time it popped up it was either for some crazy price or the seller dropped off the face of the planet or refused to mail internationally or... the list goes on and on. The fact that weedle is unpopular actually made it that much more difficult to find.

So my super thanks to the runners for the BK GA!! :D It's a silly little grail to most people, just like weedle probably seems like a silly little pokemon to collect to begin with, but this is something I've wanted so badly, and I'm so happy to finally have it!

Second bit of business! I've decided I can't live without a lot of things being released on the 11th this month with all the Sewaddle, so to try to make up for the cost a little, I've decided to do some pick-ups when I head to the PC that day! To keep things easy, I'm just picking up stuff from the new releases, and I won't be picking up any of the XBOX HUEG or fragile items.

*I received sales permission from denkimouse in January 2011!
*My feedback page is here!
*prices are in USD.
*payment will be via Paypal!
* I usually mail things once a week.

How this works:

You leave a comment saying what you want! I add you to the list and let you know I got you added. I go to the PC on the 11th and buy stuff. I get back to you by the end of the 12th about how it went and let you know your total with shipping. You pay me by the end of the Wednesday following that (the 15th). I let you know when your stuff is in the mail!

I don't know if there will be much interest, but just in case I'll say: I'll cut off my list if it gets to a point where I don't think I could carry any more stuff home. :[

Pictures aren't out for all the goods yet, so your guess is as good as mine! There might be more pictures out somewhere, but I'm just doing a small run, so I'm not hunting them down. If you're really crazy about pictures, wait until the goods are already out, or buy from a seller who has more pictures up! :D

Stuff I'll pick up:

New canvas plush! 14$ each

Type focus goods:


Straps: Snivy, pansage, deerling, tepig, victini, emolga, oshawott, cubchoo, ducklett. 11$ each
Plush mascots: snivy, lilligant, whimsicott, tepig, pikachu, emolga, oshawott, vanillite, tympole. 12$ each

Following are all in 3 varieties: Grass/Bug (GB), Fire/Electric (FE), Water/Ice (WI) General art style/pattern can be expected to be like this:

Travel pouch: 30$
Multicase: 26$
Spa bag: 21$
Drawstring cloth bag: 12$
Bath towel: 45$
Hand towel: 13$
Clearfiles: 5$
Ringed notebook: 9$
Travel stickers: 9$
Album: 10$
Vinyl set (?): 14$

Maggyo goods


Zabuton cushion 45$
Plush slippers 36$
Plush passcard case 17$
Character cap 19$
life-sized floor maggyo 48$
Towel handkerchief 9$
Hand towel 19$
Metal charm set 12$
Coaster set 13$
Pot holder 19$
memo pad 9$
Clearfiles: type 1 "full of maggyo". Type 2 "maggyo zukan" 5$
Sticker set 8.50$
Sticker 4$
Keitai cleaner strap 12$
Socks (19-21 cm, 23-25cm, 25-27cm) 9$
Strap: 8.50
card covers 8$
deck box 8$

List goes here!
1. tsuiling - emolga, maggyo, foongus canvas, FE travel pouch, FE multicase, FE spa bag, FE GB WI drawstring bag, FE bath towel, FE hand towel, pikachu mascot, Tokyo exclusive Pikachu strap x4, Tokyo exclusive Pikachu charm x5
2. aguazul08 - multicase FE, pansage strap
3. caffwin - maggyo zabuton cushion
4. samurwatt - maggyo canvas, zabuton cushion
5. little_ledyba - stunfisk canvas
6. mellow_candy - snivy mascot, lilligant mascot, WI spa bag, WI/FE/GB CF, GB ringed notebook
7. herar - vanilite/whimsicott mascot, GB spa bag, GB multicase, GB CF, GB ringed notebook, GB album, WI travel pouch, WI drawstring bag, BG bath towel, BG hand towel
8. elisha1288 - emonga/stunfisk canvas, pikachu mascot
9. kaddymeow - whimsicott mascot
10. acciolucius - emolga, foongus canvas, snivy mascot, Audino, Mincinno, and Darumaka canvas
11. crasherwake - tepig/pansage strap, tepig mascot, WI travel pouch
12. sonicad17768 - maggyo card covers (2), deck box
13. tayran - Darumakka canvas
14. zeldana - foongus canvas, GB multicase, GB CF, GB stickers
15. tamago226 - oshawott mascot, oshawott strap, WI drawstring bag, WI hand towel, WI CF, WI ringed notebook, WI travel stickers, WI album
16. know - vanillite/whimsicott mascot, GB/WI CF
17. punkspacewafers maggyo cushion and canvas plush
18. poliwhirl stunfisk/foongus/darumakka canvas, tympole mascot, GB/WI/FE/maggyo zukan/lots of maggyo CF (x2), 2 sewaddle straps
19. puyro (all FE) travel pouch, multicase, spa bag, drawstring bag, hand towel, CF, ringed notebook
20. remove_replace maggyo floor mat, GB multicase
21. shiningmew 2 maggyo canvas, maggyo socks (23-25)
22. godudette FE spa bag, GB travel pouch, maggyo socks (23-25)
23. tailglow 1 of each CF, GB multicase (deerling/lilligant in front if poss.)
24. janovi maggyo cushion
25. chypie GB drawstring bag, victini strap
26. shiny_vulpix emolga canvas, emolga mascot


OK, I am cutting off the list here! Sorry I can't pick up things for everyone, but I am only one man with weak arms and a really long ride home from the PC, haha.
Tags: weedle
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