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Sales time!

Once again I'm desperately trying to clean my room. So if anyone wants cheap flat lots or some fun random things, now's your chance! All prices are negotiable - if taking a few dollars off the price will make you buy it, I'll be happy to do so! :3

- sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland
- Paypal only

Puzzle piece lot - $5

Amada sticker lot, about 100 stickers (10 holos, some duplicates) - $30

Old Amada sticker lot (a couple of them are damaged) - $15

Pan & random sticker lot - $9

Hiragana card lot - $15

Double sticker lot (over 50 stickers = over 100 Pokemon, some duplicates) - $30
Or if you don't like duplicates, there are 36 different ones = 72 Pokemon, so lot with one of each - $20

Japanese sticker lot - $8

Kid sticker lot (over 100 stickers) - $30

Rock-paper-scissors card lot - $8

Battrio coin lot - $15

Also, if you want additional pictures of any the lots, feel free to check out my old $1 sales. It's not working anymore, but it includes pictures of most of the things in the lots. It's not completely up to date so a few things might not be there anymore. So don't be surprised if you're looking for a certain sticker and it isn't in the lot. But just as a reference in case you're curious.

Big plastic mat (about 35 x 23 inches) - $10

Small towel - $5

Random flats $1 each, feel free to ask for discounts if you buy a lot:

I also cleaned up my permanent sales post a bit and reduced some prices - click the banner! :3

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