TC loves planes ಠ_ಠ (shiome) wrote in pkmncollectors,
TC loves planes ಠ_ಠ

Small gets and some wants!

A couple of recent gets :D

I recently reunited the Halloween brothers :) Also pictured Canvas Charmander (who sadly faceplants half the time...) and a tiny Shinx.

Swablu things! I love the charms, they're really detailed. Usually I take the charms out of plastic and actually use them, but this time I can't bring myself to do it... D:
I also wish I'd gotten more Pokemontime items, but I was so broke. :| They're no longer in stock apparently, but if anyone has any Swablu stuff (the earphones clip, the clearfile) let me know!

I also have a few wants, if anyone has these items for sale:

Cubone wants:
>attack kid (the crying one?)
>Pokemon time stuff (preferably notebook and sticker!)
>any and all TCG, jap or english! (possibly a few from the same person, since shipping to Europe is costly :x Also, preferably cards on the cheap side :'D)
Swablu/Altaria wants:
>pan stickers
>pokemon time clearfile
>Swablu TOMY

As a warning for shipping, I live in Europe - and I'm looking for preferably cheap things, since right now my budget isn't too high! :'D

Also, a sales plug!
Tags: altaria, cubone, swablu
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