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Anniversary, wants and custom Pokedoll get

Hi guys :) My two year anniversary to this community is just around the corner on February 7th. To honor that, thought I'd share a few pics and try and pick up some items from you guys if you have them.

First off, just a few wants. I'd prefer to get these items from the community instead of ebay, amazon or a middle man, just to keep the money within the group here. So please let me know if you have these items. I'd love to buy ASAP.

Ever since I joined in 2010, I've been looking for an Umbreon charm. I only want the Umbreon, and not the whole set. I've seen innumerable GB for the 2009 and this 2011 set, but alas, the host always claims the Umbry. Which is fair, I just seem to miss out! I'd only like the sitting pose, stead of the walking. Thank you autumnrain for correcting me :). Will pay good for.

Looking for this Heracross plush! He's adorable, isnt he? I'm trying to get each member of my Pkmn team in plush form, and I'm missing this guy and a Milotic.

Unfortunately, I don't think Milotic has a plush. Anyone know someone who would be willing to make a high quality one for me? I'd gladly pay :)

Also questing for a Haxorus, Feraligatr and Empoleon Kid figures.

Onto the custom plush below

A wild Custom appeared...

Manectric wants to battle! 

She's absolutely beautiful. Over a year ago, I commissioned MagaStorm on Deviantart as one of her first customers, and request a Manectric. Love that little tail, though you can barely see it in these pics, haha! Anyways, Manga did a wonderful job, minus a few noticable errors. But it just makes her more unique :)
MagnaStorm's dA account:

And a picture with my Umbreon, Noctis. For size reference.

Thank you for looking. Please let me know if you have any of those items listed above. Thank you very much!

ps...hope to be more active since I've got some money now coughtaxmoneycough. And trying to drag myself away from Skyrim..Skyrim y u steal lives?

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